The "T" is a whole vibe. The toasted organic hemp wrap infused with cacao and maté gives this blunt a chocolatey sweetness you can taste on your lips, balanced out by the subtle bitterness of the maté. The 2.5 grams of organically grown hep flower is pressed in the thaistick method. We never roll you trim or shake, and save our stickiest nugs for these scrumptious smokes, which come with an organic bamboo tip and organic corn husk filter for an even smoother pull. You can relight your thaistick multiple times and it will retain freshness and flavor! You can also reuse your tip if you soak it in water overnight to remove the plant-based adhesive. The whole thing, like all our blunts, is 100% biodegradable and organic! We love thaisticks because they burn slow and taste so smooth, and they're gorgeous, which makes them great as gifts, or for marking special occasions. But don't hesitate to get it for yourself as a self-care standby to keep next to your bathtub, or where you meditate. Compared to the Banana Leaf, this thaistick has a richer throat hit, so if you're not a regular smoker of things, start with the Banana Leaf Thaistick!

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