Is the hemp flower Certified Organic?

We roll all our blunts with locally and ethically sourced, organically farmed hemp flower. Not all our suppliers have their USDA, or Sun+Earth certifications yet, as this is still a brand new market, and because the process of acquiring is prohibitively high, which favors larger companies, and raises the price of flower. Where there is certification, you'll see "Certified organic" in the flower description rather than just "organically grown," and you'll notice that that will typically correspond with a higher product price. We are dedicated to supporting equity and inclusion in sourcing all our inputs, we only choose flower that is pesticide-free and has heavy metals below safe limits, and we're also always trying to keep our blunts accessible for everyone. We are working on having flower COAs available for each product on the site, but in the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask for one, by emailing us at 


What is Hemp?

Hemp is the same species as cannabis, but is classified as hemp when it has non-intoxicating levels of the cannabinoid ∆9 THC. Hemp has been grown for centuries as an industrial crop to produce a variety of products including fiber for textiles and paper. However, the hemp you see sold for consumption tends to be the genetic offspring of cannabis, cultivated selectively to contain these low levels of THC. There are many incredible uses for this plant, and it is entirely legal to farm and use hemp in the United States. 


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is a cannabinoid known for its therapeutic benefits, including pain and anxiety management. It will not get you high. Cannabinoids are chemicals that interact with receptors in your brain, causing certain neurological effects. Cannabinoids are naturally occuring in our body, as well as in lot of the other plants we consume, but are found in much higher concentration and with great diversity within the hemp or cannabis plant. There are hundreds of other cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis plant that we are still learning about, including CBD and THC, and many of them are understood to support our health and wellbeing. There is not yet ample scientific evidence of these health effects, but we are finally starting to see some excellent research being conducted. Keep an eye out for our soon-to-launch blog where we'll provide updates on the science, and stay tuned for more flower options categorized by effect. 


Is CBD Legal?


All of our products are completely legal. 

The 2018 farm bill differentiated cannabis and hemp. The bill classified cannabis tested at less than .3% THC as hemp, establishing that it  cannot produce the psychoactive high common with cannabis—crossing hemp off the list of restricted substances. The current guideline is .3% ∆9THC which is the psychoactive compound and is much easier to reduce to compliant levels than total THC. 



Will I Score Positive on a Drug Test?


Drug tests typically only test for THC, however, that is not necessarily a guarantee that you will not test positive. The answer to this will vary from individual to individual, according to your unique body and how much you smoke. If you are concerned about it, we recommend keeping consumption relatively low, drinking lots of water, and seeing if you can order your own test to check your levels after smoking at your preferred rate.  


Can I fly with CBD Products?


Since all our products show their cannabinoid levels, you should not have any issues with TSA. But, if you have doubts, we can always provide you with printed test results to keep with your blunts. From what we've heard, at most US Airports, the only cannabis they're really looking for at this point is large amounts like you would bring somewhere to sell it.If it looks like it's for personal use, they aren't likely to take a second look. But we don't fly to Utah, for example, so we can't tell you for sure about about each TSA team. 


What is a Blunt?


Blunts are traditionally made by emptying or removing tobacco from a pre-rolled cigar or cigarillo and stuffing it with cannabis flower. 


Our hemp blunts are made with wraps made from hemp fiber which, like the tobacco leaves, burn with less heat, and more flavor, giving you a smooth, and slow burn that's less harsh than most joint papers. Hemp is less harmful to your lungs than trees, and we need trees to stay in the ground, so we're so happy that there are plenty of options in  hemp wraps, and we have scoured the market for the best-tasting, cleanest wraps out there.


A note of appreciation: Blunts were invented by Black farmers and laborers in the Caribbean and were brought to the US and popularized by Black Americans. It is important to remember this, and to ensure that when you purchase a blunt, you purchase it from a black-owned business like ours.


What is a Thai stick?



The history of the Thaistick is complex and contested, however it's origins are in Thailand, where American soldiers discovered them and brought them home to the US. You may have seen products that are made in this method, that are sold as "Cannagars" on the THC market. Those tend to be designed for maximum highness. Ours are created simply to give you a pleasurable smoking experience. We make our Thai Sticks in a press before we wrap them, leaving a hole down the center for airflow. This process of packing the flower tightly is the reason why our Thaisticks burn super slow and smooth, and retain freshness so well you can relight them many times without losing quality. We love them as a standby at your altar, or next to your bathtub, so you can light it up and zen out. But we also love them in spaces where traditionally one might smoke or gift a nice cigar, like a wedding, birth, graduation, or just a birthday. 



Do you ship across the United States?


Yes, CBD is federally legal, thanks to the 2018 farm bill, but its availability, especially in smokeable form, varies from state to state. This makes online purchasing more convenient to those curious about implementing CBD into their daily rituals.